LISTEN: Louca’s lawyer speaks out after death

LISTEN: Louca’s lawyer speaks out after death

George Louca’s lawyer, Owen Blumberg says his client died an innocent man and he will defend it in law.


Louca, who was accused of murdering strip club boss Lolly Jackson, died at the Steve Biko Academic Hospital  on Monday night.


Blumberg says his client had a right to a dignified death which he was denied.


“My client was entitled to a dignified death. His constitutional rights where completely flouted,” he says.


Louca testified last month that Czech fugitive Rodavan Krejcir pulled the trigger and killed Lolly Jackson.


Blumberg says his team will gather their thoughts and decide on the way forward.


“It makes no sense and if we leave things as they stand we would be doing no justice to this man and his undignified death, “he says…



The NPA confirmed on Tuesday that it has struck the Lolly Jackson murder case of the court roll after Louca’s death.


Spokesperson Velekhaya Mghobozi says the only evidence they had was that George Louca was linked to the murder and nothing else.


“We never got any information from George Louca. The only evidence we had was that he was involved”, he says.


Blumberg says the NPA is not being truthful.


“A full summary of the evidence, as was requested, was supplied to the prosecution months ago. They haven’t acted on the evidence”, he says.


(Edited by Sune Du Toit)

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