[LISTEN] NPO warns of 'donor fatigue' amid Covid-19 food need crisis

[LISTEN] NPO warns of 'donor fatigue' amid Covid-19 food need crisis

Food rescue NPO, NOSH has warned of an increasing food need crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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In addition, NOSH Director, Hanneke van Linge says "donor fatigue" is starting to set as corporates are inundated with requests for help. 

"Our beneficiary organisations have increased from 30 or so to over a hundred and we are getting requests for help daily," says Van Linge. 

She says the help government is providing in the form of food parcels is simply not enough for the need. 

This week President Cyril Ramaphosa condemned corruption and looting of funds intended for those in need during the national state of disaster. 

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However, Van Linge says they are already feeling the impact of unscrupulous people using the guise of NPOs to enrich themselves. 

'And if the corruption does carry on and deepening and widening, as we have seen it in the last couple of months, I think there is just no safety net for people who have no other resources," she notes. 

Van Linge warns that as the economy worsens and the impact of the lockdown this home, more and more people will need help with basic food items. 

"As job losses start increasing, I think predictions are that we are going to look at 50% unemployment," she notes. 

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