[LISTEN] Obama: Let’s continue Madiba’s long walk to freedom

[LISTEN] Obama: Let’s continue Madiba’s long walk to freedom

Former US President Barack Obama has spoken of the need for South Africans and those across the world to work harder to eradicate racial discrimination and poverty.

Nelson Mandela Foundation

Obama delivered the annual Nelson Mandela Lecture at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg on Tuesday. 

Thousands of people flocked to the stadium, with some even traveling all the way from the US. 

“Madiba showed those of us who believe in freedom and equality we have to fight harder to reduce inequality and promote lasting economic opportunities for all people,” Obama told an enthusiastic crowd.

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He also reflected on the strides made by liberation movements around the world. 

“In my own country, the moral force of the civil rights movement not only overthrew Jim Crow laws but opened up the floodgates for women and historically marginalised groups. To reimagine themselves to find their own voices and make their own claims to full citizenship, it was in service of this long walk to freedom and justice that Nelson Mandela devoted his life."

Obama encouraged the young people to continue Madiba's "long walk to freedom". 

“Mandela said young people are capable, when aroused, of bringing down the towers of oppression and raising the banners of freedom. Now is a good time to be aroused, now is a good time to be fired up and for those who care about the legacy, we honour here today. Those of us who remain young at heart, if not in body, we have an obligation to help our youth succeed."

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