LISTEN: The South African who spotted Ajay Gupta

LISTEN: The South African who spotted Ajay Gupta

A video of a South African businessman greeting Ajay Gupta outside a building surfaced on social media on Wednesday.

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South African businessman, Justin Van Pletzen, spotted the Gupta brother this morning and asked him when he planned to return to South Africa to face criminal charges.


"I literally walked out of my building this morning for my 10 o'clock smoke break, I was standing chatting to another South African colleague of mine and him (Gupta) and his bodyguard walked past us," Van Pletzen told Jacarandafm News by phone.


He says he approached him when he exited the building, believed to be the Indian consulate (one block from the South African consulate), a few minutes later.


"Ajay, how are you doing sir?" Van Pletzen is heard shouting in the video. "When are you going back to South Africa? The country is looking for you."


Gupta then replies: "They are not giving a reply, the day they are giving a reply I will go there."

Ajay Gupta has been declared a fugitive in South Africa.


The family's former businesses have also been in trouble since they left the country, while they have also ignored requests to appear before tax authorities in India.


Van Pletzen says he confronted Gupta due to the various allegations against him.


"The man is guilty of sin, he fleeced my country of billions of rands," says Van Pletzen.

Ajay Gupta's Dubai license plate
Justin Van Pletzen

Video and Photo: Justin Van Pletzen

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