Looters help themselves to 'free' beer

Looters help themselves to 'free' beer

A truck transporting beer has lost its load on the N12 near Lenasia.

truck looting N12
Twitter video

Some motorists and passers-by just couldn't resist the temptation of not helping themselves.

A video has surfaced on social media of the goods being looted on Friday afternoon. 

Scores of people can be seen helping themselves to crates of beer. 

Shattered glass also lay strewn across the side of the road.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson Edna Mamonyane says a South African Breweries truck overturned at the bend.

"The driver lost control of the vehicle and lost its load. Members of the public rushed to the truck and helped themselves."

Social media users had some hilarious responses to the fiasco.

This is not the first time motorists have helped themselves to free goods on the highway. 

Heineken truck lost its load earlier this year with motorists helping themselves to boxes of alcohol. 

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