Mahlobo: Forces seek regime change

Mahlobo: Forces seek regime change

State Security Minister David Mahlobo says there are forces seeking a regime change in South Africa.

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Photo: GCIS

Briefing the media on his department's budget for 2017/17, Mahlobo says a number of governments are using underhand tactics in pursuit of "narrow national interest and national security" in the process destabilising a number of countries. 

"During the past year, they continued their efforts, in close collaboration with negative domestic forces, to undermine our democratic and constitutional advances," says Mahlobo.

Mahlobo says these countries use a range of role players to promote their regime change agenda.

"These include, but are not limited to certain sections of mainstream media; certain non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations; foreign and multinational companies; funding of opposition activities; infiltration and recruitment in key government departments; religious bodies, prominent influential persons; and punning of covert intelligence networks and covert action on our soil.

"As a country, we should always be careful not to wittingly or unwittingly yield to those who exploit genuine concerns of our people to drive a wedge amongst the public and seize this moment to effect unconstitutional change of government."

Countering terrorism

Mahlobo says no country is immune from attacks by international terror organisations, including South Africa.

"Working with the collective of the law enforcement agencies, we continue to ensure the effective implementation of the National Counter-Terrorism Strategy as outlined in the National Counter-Terrorism Strategy Implementation Plan," says Mahlobo.

The minister says his department will also raise with Parliament the legislative limitations that we have detected in terms of criminalising terrorism. 

"We will also continue the partnerships that we have established with a number of community and civil society structures which have come out in support and said 'not in our name'."  

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