Mahlobo: I won't resign

Mahlobo: I won't resign

State Security Minister David Mahlobo on Wednesday told MPs he would not quit his post over allegations that he was linked to a suspected Chinese rhino horn smuggler. 

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"With all due respect, I'm not going to resign. I've never been found guilty," Mahlobo said while responding to questions in the National Assembly over allegations contained in an Al Jazeera report that Guan Jiang Guang had bragged about his friendship with the minister.

Mahlobo said it was false. He did not deny visiting the Mbombela Spa of Guan, but claimed he did not know who the owner was.

He said he had gone to the Mpumalanga police to investigate the allegations.

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"I'm not above the law. I'm going to subject myself to the issues that are being raised so that this thing of trying to scandalise people, tarnish their image is not going to succeed. You know I also believe lies have short legs."

Mahlobo was responding to a questions from Agang SA MP Molapi Plouamma, who commented in the House: "I can't help it when I look at you, I see a rhino being hacked to death while you are hugging syndicates."

"Honourable Minister, don't you think you are a threat to security …won't you take a special leave until you are cleared, if you still have any moral compass?

Mahlobo would not bite though, telling Plouamma: "If you think you have evidence, please don't be an accomplice, assist the police, bring the evidence, we'll bring this matter to finality."

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