Malema: Give us Tshwane and Joburg, Ekhurhuleni can go to ActionSA, ANC

Malema: Give us Tshwane and Joburg, Ekhurhuleni can go to ActionSA, ANC

EFF leader Julius Malema has plans to divvy up Gauteng's hung metros following the local government elections.

Julius Malema

Speaking at an event at the palace of AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo in the Eastern Cape Saturday, Malema expressed hope that ActionSA will still come to the table and reach a coalition agreement with the EFF.

Earlier in the day ActionSA's Senate resolved not to work with the EFF.

The party's main concern was the EFF's proposal being dependent on ANC support.

But Malema said Mashaba would not have to include the ANC.

"We give you Joburg, but the ANC must vote for you because ourselves and you don't have numbers.

"We need these numbers of the ANC to help us get a clean government.

"They don't come with you - they just vote for you and we keep them out and then you run the municipality and deliver to our people.”

Malema's plans involve dividing the three main municipalities in Gauteng among the EFF, ActionSA, and the ANC.

"We are very simple - we give Mashaba Joburg, EFF takes Tshwane, the ANC takes Ekhurhuleni.

"We don't co-govern, we all govern alone - we don't want a coalition.”

Malema said his biggest concern is that Tshwane will fall into the hands of the Freedom Front Plus and the DA.

"The most painful one is the Tshwane one because if we miss an opportunity there, the Freedom Front and the DA are going to establish Afrikanerdom in Pretoria.

"They are going to move it from Tshwane back to Pretoria.

"The Freedom Front will say to the DA, we will give you Tshwane in exchange for J.B. Marks.

"So then you've got the dorpies of Afrikaners in Tshwane and Potchefstroom and that is the beginning of a big disaster to come.

"Once people grab power, at times it's very difficult to remove them.

"These Afrikaners will gradually come back to recolonise our country.

"We are caught between all of these things and many of our colleagues in other parties do not have an appreciation for what is at stake here.

"The country might be gone.”


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