Malema to men: Change your behaviour

Malema to men: Change your behaviour

EFF leader Julius Malema says if South African men do not want to be labelled as trash, they need to change their behaviour. 

Julius Malema at Africa Day celebrations
Maryke Vermaak

Speaking at an Africa Day event in Johannesburg on Thursday, Malema decried the abuse and murder of women, children and the elderly.


He says this type of behaviour is un-African and that buying a women dinner and gifts, does not warrant sex.

"It doesn't matter whether you bought them food. Whether you bought them expensive beds. You chose to do those things," he told the crowd.


Malema also says the belief that it is foreigners who are killing women is absolute nonsense and that women are being killed by those close to them.


"Karabo's death must serve as a wake-up call. Stop your behaviour. We are failing to admit that we are trash.


He urged the crowd to stop blaming fellow Africans.


"Stop blaming Nigerians. Stop blaming other African brothers. It is us who disrespect our own women, grandmothers and children."


Malema says in order to curb violence against women and children, South African men should start by re-evaluating their own behaviour.


"Go and change," he says.

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