Malema: Reduce govt size to fund education

Malema: Reduce govt size to fund education

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says there's more than enough money to fund free education.

Julius Malema
Pic Courtesty: Sibahle Motha

Malema was speaking to students at the Durban University of Technology on Tuesday as part of the EFF’s election campaign.

He told them that South Africa’s the money is being wasted by politicians.

"They have deputy ministers many of us do not know that person, why? They are useless. They do not add value, but the person has got a bodyguard, the person has got salary, a person has got two houses in Cape Town and Pretoria."

Malema believes the government needs to decrease the number of ministers. 

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"We must create ministries that are necessary and not create ministries because we are deploying political patronage."

He also wants Parliament to be moved to Pretoria to reduce the amount of money spent travelling between Cape Town and Pretoria.

"If Parliament is in Cape Town the minister accounts in Cape Town, which means they must go to Cape Town today to go an explain themselves to a committee. The following day they come back. They would have spent a lot of money in that travelling.

“They do not travel alone. The office of the minister will be next to Parliament. We're just going to say 'hey thug come and explain here what did you do with the people's money?’"

He says all the money saved will go toward education.

"We take that money and we put it in free education. That's why I’m saying to you the money is there it's being wasted on politicians. Priorities are messed up. We need to reprioritize and prioritise the poor."

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