Man detained for taking pictures at Home Affairs in Pretoria

Man detained for taking pictures at Home Affairs in Pretoria

A man was bundled into a police truck on Tuesday morning for allegedly taking pictures while queuing at Home Affairs in Marabastad, Pretoria.


Zimbabwean national Wilson Kwatamanzi said police officers, some wearing civilian clothes on top of their police uniforms, demanded R50 for him to maintain his position in the long queue.

After spending hours in the police truck, parked inside the Home Affairs offices, Kwatamanzi was released from the police truck and told to leave the premises.

He went outside to find a place in the queue again.

Moments later, police officers, in civilian clothes pounced on Kwatamanzi again.

“Why are you outside. You’re my suspect and I’m taking you inside,” said the police officer in plain clothes before bundling Kwatamanzi into the police truck again.

Several police officers, some holding batons, then threaten to assault African News Agency (ANA) for taking photos at the scene.

Numerous men were controlling the queue outside, holding batons and rubber whips.

The manager of the Marabastad office Macanda Mthetho declined to comment on the matter.

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