Manamela: Only space for 200 000 first years

Manamela: Only space for 200 000 first years

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Buti Manamela said in total there is space for 203 000 first year students at public and private Universities around the country. 

Buti Manamela/UJ
Gaopalelwe Phalaetsile

He visited the Department's Central Application Clearing House (CACH) and the University of Johannesburg ahead of the 2018 higher education registration process. 

"We have 203 000 spaces in Universities, we have 198 000 spaces in TVET colleges, and more than 70 000 spots in terms of learnerships and we think that those who have done really well. There has to be some way that you go and study at one of these institutions," Manamela told journalists. 

He says supply outweighs demand by some distance. 

The CACH system allows potential students who have been rejected by institutions of higher learning to put their information online and wait for the department to find them placement at other institutions. 

Manamela stressed the fact that applying on the system does not guarantee placement. 

The University of Johannesburg (UJ) confirmed it received 115 000 first year applications for 2018 but only has space for 10 500 students. 

While huge signs saying "No walk-in" are placed at the university's gates, Vice Chancellor Professor Tshilidzi Marwala said they will not turn anyone away. 

"Officially we don't allow walk-ins, but if you look at the queue here, these are actually walk-ins. You have students who have not applied to the university and there are returning students as well. When students present themselves to the university we are going to assist them, but we urge them to use our online system," Marwala said.  

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