Mantashe: Land expropriation will deal with greedy farmers first

Mantashe: Land expropriation will deal with greedy farmers first

Mineral Resources Minister Gwede Mantashe says government's plan to expropriate land without compensation will first target farmers who have had the means and opportunity to buy land in excess.

Gwede Mantashe
Sibahle Motha

"There is a man in Qweenstown, he is a big farmer. Every farm that comes to the market, he buys it. It cannot be fair. When we talk of expropriation without compensation, those are the first candidates because he is not needing land, he's greedy. We must deal with greed," said Mantashe.


Mantashe addressed the National Forum for Dialogue on Land, Heritage & Human Rights in Johannesburg on Tuesday morning.


The minister reiterated that government aims to expropriate land for those who can use it productively.

However, he adds that "it should actually be debated whether it is real expropriation or restoration."


He slammed those accusing the ANC of wanting to drive white South Africans off their land.

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"It is not our policy to drive the whites into the sea. It will never be the policy of the ANC, unless the ANC becomes something else."


"It is about fair distribution of land and give our people access to that land."


Mantashe says it is blatantly unfair that some farmers have many hectares of land whilst "everybody else staying around him hungry for land."

The Constitutional Review Committee, which is tasked to flesh out the policy, will from next month embark on public consultation on the amendment of property clause of the Constitution

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