Mashaba’s new political party aims to unseat ‘criminal syndicate’ ANC

Mashaba’s new political party aims to unseat ‘criminal syndicate’ ANC

The leader of People's Dialogue Herman Mashaba has again entered the political fray with the launch of his political party at the weekend. 

Herman Mashaba pre-launches political party

Mashaba says he believes the new political party will be strong contenders in the upcoming local elections. 

He says party will unseat the African National Congress (ANC). 

“South Africans are furious about the treatment of this National State of Disaster for the looting of public funds. What makes it worse is that it happens at a time here when our economy is reeling from the hardest lockdown in the world. South Africans are losing their jobs while our government behaves like a criminal syndicate.”

“The timing of the launch couldn’t have come at a better time because South Africans, now more than ever before, want a real alternative to the ANC.” 

Mashaba vowed to avoid playing politics. 

“We will avoid the political pettiness and point scoring that has become part of the politics of our country. We will exist for the sole reason of unseating the ANC.” 


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Mashaba says the party will focus on economic prosperity, job creation and education. 

The name of the party will be unveiled on Saturday. 

“We stand for ethical leadership because South Africans have been failed dismally by corrupt leaders who prioritise the enrichment of their political friends and family over the service to the South African people,” Mashaba says. 

Mashaba left the Democratic Alliance (DA) in 2019 and has since advocated for political rejuvenation. 

Soon after, he was joined by former DA leader Funzela Ngobeni. 

Ngobeni has now joined Mashaba’s party. 

Makhosi Khoza, Vytie Mentor, David Tembe and Michael Beaumont will also join the ranks of the party. 

Listen to Mashaba below:

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