Massive alligator shocks golfers

Massive alligator shocks golfers

Golfers watched in shock as an exceptionally large alligator took a casual stroll across a Florida golf course in the USA.


Charles Helms was reportedly playing a round of golf when he spotted the massive alligator.

He filmed the creature walking past and posted the video on Facebook.

Helms reportedly said he thought it was a practical joke.

"I was stunned and silent," he told ABC Action News.

"I didn't know if we were being punked or something."

"It was just laying down, resting, when it got up and started moving towards the big lake."

Helms estimated the alligator was 4,5m long.

It is said that the alligator is a regular on the golf course and has been patrolling the greens for years.

"He doesn't bother anybody and they don't bother him, he's like a mascot for the course," course employee Wendy Schofield told 3 News.

"He has been here for a very, very long time."

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