Maties VC cleared of all allegations

Maties VC cleared of all allegations

Stellenbosch University’s vice-chancellor Wim de Villiers has been cleared of claims that he attempted to interfere in a Constitutional Court case related to the institution’s language policy.


This comes after the Stellenbosch University Council received of a letter from prominent university alumnus, Leon Schreiber, accusing De Villiers of influencing constitutional court processes

The letter suggested that the vice-chancellor offered retired constitutional judge Edwin Cameron the office of chancellor in a bid to influence the ruling.

The highest court in the land ruled in favour of Stellenbosch University’s current language policy.

An independent investigation into the allegations was also conducted.

De Villiers maintains that using Afrikaans and English as languages of tuition promotes inclusivity which justified the ruling.

“The investigation found that I had not attempted to influence the constitutional court ruling on the Stellenbosch University language case.

“The time has now come for everyone to accept this, so that we can carry on with what we are here to do in the first place: Be the best possible university for everybody in our country.”

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