Minister concerned about road deaths

Minister concerned about road deaths

The Minister of Transport, Dipuo Peters, on Sunday expressed concern over the increasing number of  road accidents and fatalities on South African roads. 

Transport minister Dipuo Peters
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According to a statement by the Transport Department, human factor was the main contributory factor in a spate of road accidents over the past weekend.


On Friday, seven people died in an accident in KwaZulu-Natal after a motor vehicle collided with an LDV.


"Although the precise cause of this crash is still under investigation, most of these crashes are characterised by speeding, overtaking in the face of oncoming traffic, hit and run and driving under the influence of alcohol and not wearing seat belts," the department said.

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 Minister Peters also reaffirmed that government, through law enforcement agencies, will continue to clamp down on drivers who do not adhere to the basic rules of the road.


"Reckless driving causes unnecessary pain to families and hurt the South African economy because the majority of people who get involved in the majority of these crashes are young people, who are bread winners in their families and who are still economically active," the statement read.


Minister Peters further said all South Africans need to play a part in making South Africa's roads safe. 

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