Missing teen's body found in Katlehong

Missing teen's body found in Katlehong

A teenage girl has been found dead in Katlehong, police confirmed. 

Crime scene, police tape
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Her lifeless body was discovered behind a shack mere hours before a search for her was to get underway this morning, says Katlehong police spokesperson Mega Ndobe. 

"A 13-year-old girl was sent to take her father's shoes for repairs last night. She did not return home. The parents reported her missing and this morning a girl's body was found." 

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The family has since identified the body. 

The girl sustained bruises on her neck and a head injury, Ndobe says. 

Two suspects have since been arrested.

"The suspects are not exactly known to the family. The men live two home's away from the shoemaker where the girl when to take her father's shoes for repairs," Ndobe confirms.

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Police say the possibility of her having been sexually assaulted is being investigated. 

"We are waiting for the post-mortem results."

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