Mixed fuel price picture for May, says AA

Mixed fuel price picture for May, says AA

A petrol price increase is on the cards for motorists in May.

Mixed fuel price picture for May, says AA

That's according to the Automobile Association, which says we could be paying between 37 and 38 cents more for a litre of petrol. 

The AA's Eleanor Mavimbela says the good news, based on the current data from the central energy fund, is that diesel users might see a price drop of around 35 cents per litre of fuel.

"Unleaded 93 petrol inland in May 2022 cost R21.51 per litre but increased to R23.01 in May 2023. According to current data from the CEF this price will again increase by 37c/litre in May, pushing the price close to R25.15/l.

"The outlook for unleaded 95 inland is not much better, with the CEF data showing an increase of 38c/l. This will push the price of this fuel to around R25.50/l, higher than the R25.42 seen in August 2022 but not quite the record price of R26.74 in July of that year. Despite this bad news, diesel is set to decrease by 35c/l." 

Illuminating paraffin is set to come down by 28c/l. 


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