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The whole Palace Hotel was resounding with beats of dhol (drum) and dancers dressed in Indian folk attire who greeted all the guests with folded hands. Long stairs down the Elephant courtyard to the Royal Arena  was resonating with Indian Kathakali and Rajasthani dancers. All the guests adorned long red scarves around their neck and were showered with pink rose petals.
The pool side of The Royal bath was covered with classy white gazebos & tables decorated in exotic flowers. Vega came out of a grand flower and was joined in by groom Aakash , the couple then travelled across the pool on a floating deck. The bride and groom exchanged Varmala (decorated garlands) under shower of flowers.
The couple dressed in matching red and golden dresses walked towards the exquisite mandap for the final marital rituals, which was performed around havan (fire) among sacred recitations of Mantras (incantations) by the Hindu priests.
As per traditions, seven vows were made to the life partner and seven pheres (circles) were taken around the mandap-agni  (fire) seeking the blessings of the Almighty and elderly.
The groom then applied vermillion or kumkum to the bride’s forehead welcoming her as his partner for life. 
- Gupta wedding spokesperson 

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