Multiparty Charter agrees to form coalition ahead of 2024 polls

Multiparty Charter agrees to form coalition ahead of 2024 polls

The newly formed Multiparty Charter for South Africa has agreed to form a coalition ahead of the 2024 elections in an attempt to unseat the ANC. 

Multiparty Charter for South Africa

The parties include the DA, IFP, Freedom Front Plus, ActionSA, Independent South African National Civic Organisation, United Independent Movement, and Spectrum National Party.

The two-day convention was held in Kempton Park on Wednesday, the symbolic venue of the last Convention for a Democratic South Africa (Codesa) in the early 1990s.

Some of the key outcomes of the convention include the principles of power sharing.

Separation powers?

"Representation approximately proportional to election results; merit-based consideration as to which party has the best candidate for a position; a diversity of parties must be represented in leadership positions and the principle of separation of powers should be observed."

Who should be in the cabinet?

"The collective cabinet or executive committee must reflect the diversity of the South African people, there is no requirement that the leader of the largest party to be nominated for the position of president."

Who will be the deputy president?

"The largest party in a coalition in the National Assembly that arises from this agreement, and that does not hold the position of President of the Republic, will hold the position of Leader of Government Business."

Lifestyle audits

"Any candidate to be put forward for election as an office bearer, either nationally or provincially, must undergo an independent lifestyle audit. The outcomes of the lifestyle audit must then be made public."

An invitation to attend the talks was not extended to the ANC and EFF, which are seen as rivals.

"We are unequivocal about our commitment to the vision, priorities, principles and common programme of the Charter," the parties said in a statement.

"Therefore, we will not entertain any working arrangement or co-governing agreements with the ANC, EFF or any rival formations, and we will not vote for any office bearers of the ANC and EFF – nominated either directly or indirectly – at any inaugural meetings of the National Assembly, National Council of Provinces, and Provincial Legislatures.

"The coalition key focus in government includes growing the economy and creating jobs, achieving energy security;

"Law and order that combats crime, corruption and drugs, quality education that delivers opportunity to all, basic services to all through high quality infrastructure, a professional public service that delivers for all.

"Quality healthcare for all within a caring healthcare system, building a social relief framework for South African households."


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