[MUST LISTEN] Eskom: There’s a risk of load-shedding for August

[MUST LISTEN] Eskom: There’s a risk of load-shedding for August

Power utility Eskom has warned the dreaded rolling blackouts might soon return.


“We have always identified the end of August as a risk week,” said Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer on Tuesday.

He warned that it could take up to two years to stabilise the national grid.


The country was plunged into darkness in February due a constrained power system,  a lack of maintenance and poor infrastructure.

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He said the risk of load-shedding remains, but the struggling power utility is doing everything in its power to avoid load-shedding or to use expensive diesel to keep the lights on.


“Have we done maintenance? Yes, we have. Have we done sufficient maintenance? No, we haven’t because we don’t have the luxury to take units out and maintain and care for it properly because its actually required to supply the demand of the country at any given point of time.”


This after the struggling state-owned entity reported its biggest lost yet.


Eskom incurred a R20.7 billion loss, with its debt currently sitting at R440 billion.

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