N3 Toll Concession: Traffic patterns ‘similar to 2019’

N3 Toll Concession: Traffic patterns ‘similar to 2019’

N3 Toll Concession operations manager Thania Dhoogra says heavy traffic volumes are expected to continue between KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng until the end of the festive season.

So far smooth traffic flow along N3
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Despite restrictions on beaches and the Covid-19 lockdown, Dhoogra says the traffic pattern is similar compared to a year ago.

“Traffic on the N3 at the moment is being recorded at an average of 1000 vehicles per hour headed in the south bound direction toward Durban.

“We have seen similar pattern starting towards this afternoon with an approximate of 1000 vehicles per hour heading northbound towards Johannesburg headed through toward Mooi River Toll Plaza.

“We are expecting a high volume of traffic which will continue throughout Friday evening until Saturday, we have two lanes available in each direction toward the entire route.”

Listen to Thania Dhoogra below:

Dhoogra says the traffic started increasing Reconciliation Day.

“There has been an increase in traffic over the entirety of the December period but with a significant increase since the 16 of December.

“We are expecting a significant increase just before Christmas with a high volume of about 1600 vehicles per hour in both directions until holidaymakers return home in early January.”

“Few crashes have been reported so far on the N3 and some of them have been fatal crashes.”

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