New pay as you go water system for Polokwane

New pay as you go water system for Polokwane

The Polokwane municipality is embarking on a card pay as you go system for water - as from April.

Polokwane mayor
Maidi Monareng

That's because it has accumulated debt of more than R700million in the past eight years.

Residents and businesses will be required to use the card. 

Mayor Thembi Nkadimeng says: "We then outgrow the issue of 'it was the wrong meter, it was an estimate'. You buy your water as you buy your electricity. You're also able to regulate yourself."

A rebate system will be introduced in order to sort out the water and electricity issues in the city.

Nkadimeng says people in areas that can afford to pay, must pay.

"Areas which can afford to pay and areas which by law cannot be minused to paying assessment rates, must pay."

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