Nikita Murray refutes Katlego Maboe STD claims

Nikita Murray refutes Katlego Maboe STD claims

Nikita Murray, the woman accused of having an affair with “Expresso” host Katlego Maboe, has refuted claims that she contracted an STD.

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Maboe named Murray as the woman he was having an affair with in a video which went viral last month.  

The television personality’s girlfriend Monique Muller accused Maboe of giving her an STD and said that she might not be able to have another child because of it.

In a statement, Murray’s lawyer Vincent Bergh of Liquor Law and Business Consultants, described the allegations as “unsettling and wild”. 

“Our clients are very perturbed about the wild allegations flying around in the media, involving Mrs Murray and her family. Due to these allegations, Mrs Murray had undergone a medical test to confirm that she has no sexual transmitted disease.”

Bergh said claims that Murray is responsible for Maboe contracting an STD are false.  

“The claims by Mr Maboe that Mrs Murray was the cause of him contracting the STD, as accused of by the person who made the video, is therefore irresponsible and impossible.”

Maboe has been suspended from his hosting work on the morning show “Expresso” while OUTsurance has also pulled their adverts starring him.

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