Nkwinti: Government is making headway on land reform

Nkwinti: Government is making headway on land reform

The Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Gugile Nkwinti says claims that government is making no headway on land reform is untrue. 

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Nkwinti is briefing media amid a fierce debate over land reform.


Nkwinti says that if someone came to South African from Mars, they would think no progress is being made with land reform.


"Land is primary struggle in most countries- if it is not distributed equitably it won't fair well for country," Nkwinti says.


The minister adds that in law there is no such thing as willing buyer willing seller, and that people need to join in on the land reform debate.

"My mandate is to look at laws and provisions that's mandate transfer of land from white South Africans to black South Africans and a member of my department will present a set of new bills that speak to land reform in the country."


Nkwinti says the bill will seeks to implement resolutions taken by the ruling party during its Mangaung conference and that no one will grab land.


"Land reform will be within the prescripts of this bill and moving forward there will be no ownership of land by foreign nationals, those that do there has to be a conversion," Nkwinti adds.


He adds that land expropriation without compensation is in instances where land was acquired unlawfully or used for criminal purposes and that there shouldn't be any confusion.


"Land expropriation without compensation is an aspiration and not a policy in the ANC. This still has to go to policy conference in June," Nkwinti says.

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