No loadshedding expected over the weekend

No loadshedding expected over the weekend

Eskom says the electricity network remains constrained, bu that the risk of loadshedding is low for the rest of today and tomorrow.

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“This is because there is enough generation capacity, including emergency reserves, to meet the demand in electricity which tends to be lower over the weekend,” reads the statement issued on Friday night.

However, the embattled power utility continues to call on it’s customers to use electricity sparingly.

This includes:

-           Switching off lights in unoccupied rooms.


-         Unpluggin all appliances and equipment you are not using.


-          Not leaving computers, TVs, iPads and other electronic devices on standby. If you do, these devices use up to 15% of the power they normal use when on.


-           Opening windows and doors to allow a breeze to circulate through the house or building to delay switching on your air-conditioner.


-           If you have to switch on the air-conditioner, keeping it at a comfortable 23 degrees Celsius.

 In the meantime, Eskom says technical teams continue to attend to unplanned outages or breakdowns.

“We are monitoring the system closely and we will continue to give periodic updates on the status of the power system as things may change at short notice.


Eskom threatens to cut power supply to West Rand

The company, West Rand Power Distributors, owes the cash-strapped state-owned enterprise more than R18 million. Eskom's Daphne Mokwena says officials have been given until Friday to make submissions on why the lights should not be turned off. A final decision will be made at the beginning of February.

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