No nation can prosper without youth engagement, says Mashatile

No nation can prosper without youth engagement, says Mashatile

Deputy President Paul Mashatile says no nation can prosper without youth engagement in community service activities that promote social cohesion. 

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Mashatile delivered the keynote address virtually on Youth Day on Friday, where government's main gathering was held at the Petrus Molemela Stadium in Mangaung.

Mashatile was supposed to deliver his speech on person, but it is reported that bad weather prevented his plane from landing. 

This is the 47th anniversary of the youth uprising that happened in Soweto. 

The 1976 youth were fighting against being taught in Afrikaans and the apartheid government.  

“We are moving forward with the youth stimulation initiative because we are aware that no nation can prosper if its youth are not engaged in community service activities that promote social cohesion." 

“In this regard, we have successfully revitalised the national youth service program and now run one of the world’s largest national youth service programs with 47 000 participants working across various sectors."

Mashatile says it is the responsibility of all sectors in society to collaborate in equipping the youth with skills necessary for development of our collective prosperity. 

“Today is the day we remember where we came from as a nation and recommit ourselves to never returning to the South Africa of the past. Together with the youth of this country, we are steaming ahead to build the country of our dreams."

“If we fail to empower the youth, we would have failed South Africa’s future as young people represent the future and it is our responsibility to secure it."

“We remain concerned that the economy is not expanding at the rate that permits the economic development of the large number of people, especially the youth. It is for this reason that we are committing to accelerating youth economic emancipation for a sustainable future."  

Mashatile says the country needs young people who are ‘patriotic and unashamed to be of service’.


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