NWU denies ‘ignorance, insensitivity’ as online learning kicks off

NWU denies ‘ignorance, insensitivity’ as online learning kicks off

The North West University (NWU) says it is sitting with around 800 students unable to access online learning and teaching.


Online learning

The university has joined most other tertiary institutions online as classes remain suspended due to the outbreak of Covid-19.


NWU vice-chancellor Professor Dan Kgwadi admits that the change in teaching methods hasn’t been all smooth sailing.


"We have 57,000 students who can access the online learning. However, 800 students are out of reach, it is either they do not have access to the devices or they are in an area of no connectivity.


He denies accusations that the university’s management is ignorant and insensitive to the challenges faced by students.


"We are aware of the technical problems that some of our students have encountered. We have managed to reach an agreement with companies for zero-rating and additional 10 GB will be made available to students at a cost to the university, electronic devices will be loaned for students in need.


He acknowledges that online learning might not work for all students.


"We are going to deliver hard copy material to students who struggle with other modes of learning, depending on how quickly they raise their hands to assist, we have also planned a winter school that will assist students when things go back to normal.”



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