Paramedics held up and robbed in Jeppestown

Paramedics held up and robbed in Jeppestown

Six paramedics from the Johannesburg Emergency Management Services (EMS) were robbed while attending to a patient in Jeppestown, Johannesburg early Sunday morning.

File photo: Gallo Images

The paramedics, who were attending to a patient with stab wounds, were held up at gunpoint and robbed of their belongings.

EMS spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said the paramedics were not harmed.

"While they were busy attending to the patient, two armed men came from nowhere and demanded their belongings, which included their cell phones, wallets, medical bag and a two-way radio," Mulaudzi said.

Mulaudzi said a case has been opened at the Jeppestown Police Station and the paramedics involved are receiving counselling.

"We want to urge our communities to protect us when we respond to emergencies, because we have seen an escalation in terms of the number of incidents where EMS personel are attacked or robbed - not only in the City of Johannesburg, but all over the country," Mulaudzi said.

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