Parliament clears up deployment of soldiers

Parliament clears up deployment of soldiers

Parliament says the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) will not be deployed within the precincts of Parliament and the Chamber, unless necessary.


Parliamentary spokesperson Manelisi Wolela says they have noted the misunderstanding regarding the declaratory order issued by the President.


The Presidency released a statement last night, saying President Jacob Zuma has authorised the deployment of 441 soldiers to assist police in 'law and order' activities for the Opening of Parliament tomorrow evening.


Wolela says the SANDF is sometimes deployed to support the police in exercising their safety and security function upon the request of the police.


"The only time that may happen is when there is a threat to life and property, that is of such a nature that the South African Police cannot handle. Their deployment in this regard will be at the request of the South African Police Services. In turn the SAPS can only act at the behest of the Presiding Officers, except in instances where there is a total breakdown of law and order that threatens life and property," says Wolela.

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