Phalatse lays charges against ‘criminal’ Joburg councillors

Phalatse lays charges against ‘criminal’ Joburg councillors

Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse says she decided to lay criminal charges against councillors involved in Thursday’s disruptions at a council meeting “as a crime was committed”. 

Mpho Phalatse

Phalatse laid criminal charges against ANC and EFF councillors at Hillbrow Police Station on Friday. 


She was joined by several other councillors who suffered physical injuries during Thursday’s chaos.


Phalatse said assault is a crime which cannot be ignored. 


“Crime was committed. I think we have come to a time now where we need to call a spade a spade, A crime is a crime, and it is not okay to normalise criminal activity. Our councillors were assaulted in the workplace where they should be feeling safe, they were assaulted by their colleagues' people that they should trust and be able to work within trusted relationships.


“That is unaccepted and people need to understand that what they did constitutes criminal behaviour and that South Africa is a country that has laws. We have a criminal system that I am hoping will work for us and give justice to our councillors and our residents because this is an assault on our democracy.”



She says a letter will be written to the council speaker to ensure further action is taken against those involved. 


The sitting, which was the first of 2022, has been postponed to Tuesday.


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