Phases reopening for tertiary institutions - Nzimande

Phased reopening for tertiary institutions - Nzimande

Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande says the reopening of post-school institutions will align with levels of lockdown. 

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Nzimande briefed the media on Saturday on the department's plans for the academic year amid the coronavirus crisis. 

Nzimande says once the country hits level three of the lockdown a maximum of 33% of students will be able to return to campus.


This will be on condition that they can be safely accommodated. 

Priority will be given to students in their final year of study, postgraduates who need laboratories, technology and data.

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"We will prioritise students in the final year of their programme who are on a path of graduating if they finish the 2020 academic year,” Nzimande said.

"Students in all year of studies will also be allowed to return if they require clinical training in their programme. Provided their clinical platforms have sufficient space and can accommodate them while adhering to the safety protocols.

"Postgraduate students who require laboratory equipment and other technical equipment to undertake their studies.”

Students who spent lockdown in other parts of the country will be given three weeks to travel back to campus.

Permits will be issued to identified students to enable them to travel.

Nzimande added that a tentative academic calendar has been drawn up for TVET colleges.

"N6 and N3 will return on June 6, N5 and N2 on June 15, N4 and N1 on June 22," he said.

Nzimande acknowledged that connectivity continues to be a major challenge for students who need to continue learning from home.

“In addition to zero-rating, we have successfully negotiated, with all mobile network operators, very favourable rates for Nsfas students including Funza Lushaka students who will receive 10 gigabytes daytime and night time, for three months starting from the start of June until end of August.”




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