Phiyega hits back: "I am a woman of integrity"

Phiyega hits back: "I am a woman of integrity"

JacarandaFM News spoke to suspended National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega, who had her guns blazing after two damning reports against her were released within hours of each other in Parliament on Wednesday.

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A Ministerial Reference Group set up by Police Minister Nathi Nhleko says it has found evidence against Phiyega of fraud, perjury and gross misconduct.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Police also adopted a report recommending that Phiyega face another board of inquiry into her conduct.

Phiyega issued a statement on Thursday evening hitting back at the task team, calling them a faceless group using methods similar to a kangaroo court.

Phiyega confirmed that she will seek legal counsel against 'defaming reports', saying she was never invited to present her side of the case.

"They then proceeded in reaching findings and passing judgments against me calling into question not only my ethics and conduct but causing immense damage to my reputation amongst the public," she said.

President Jacob Zuma suspended Phiyega in October pending the outcome of the Board of Inquiry which the President has established.

Zuma said the inquiry would look into allegations of misconduct, her fitness to hold office and her capacity to execute official duties efficiently.

This comes after the Farlam Commission of Inquiry into the Marikana massacre in 2012 which recommended a probe into Phiyega's fitness to hold office.

"I should have been invited to present myself on the issues that I am being indicted upon, charged on and in both instances this is not happening."

Phiyega said she found the 'profound findings' that were made in the two reports very disconcerting.

"I find it malicious. I also find it vindictive," she said.

Phiyega added that the reports attempted to distract her from a just process that was set up by President Zuma, which she welcomed.

"I am a woman of integrity"

Phiyega told JacarandaFM News that she is a woman of integrity who joined the South African Police Service with integrity.

"It is important for me to maintain that integrity before my family, before my society, in my church, with my colleagues, with all stakeholders that I am engaging with and no amount of money is going to stop me."

Phiyega said she will be taking the two reports to court because she finds them unethical and unlawful.

"I want to take these reports to a just platform...I want us to be in court with both reports so that somebody else who is not subjective, who is objective, can look at both the reports."

Phiyega reaffirmed her support of President's enquiry saying it is following due process, for which she is thankful.

"My lawyers are there, we are busy preparing, we are getting documentation, so that process is perfect and in order and indeed much appreciated as an example of how things should be done," she said. - Suné du Toit

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