[PICTURES] Firefighters evacuated as protesters torch fire station
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[PICTURES] Firefighters evacuated as protesters torch fire station

A Cape Town fire station was set alight by protesting members of the Gugulethu community in the Western Cape.

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City of Cape Town

The Gugulethu Fire Station was engulfed in flames after protesters set parts of it alight in the early of Thursday morning.

The fire brigade came under attack by protesting locals - with the motive currently unknown to officials.

Various offices of the station including a bakkie on site were set alight.

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Firefighters from another area had to be deployed to put out the blaze.

City Fire and Rescue Service's Theo Layne says his colleagues were forced to evacuate the station until police arrived on scene.

"The front of the station sustained severe damage including the watch room engine doors and the security entrance gate."

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