PMB woman convicted of husband's murder

PMB woman convicted of husband's murder

Pietermaritzburg woman Thenjiwe Griffiths, 25, was convicted by the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Monday of the murder and robbery of her 60-year-old husband, Alan.


The couple had been married for just eight months.


Alan's body was found in the veld next to a road near Estcourt. He had been strangled and beaten.


Thenjiwe allegedly arranged for the killers to pose as hitch-hikers on the road near Colenso that she and her husband were to use on January 20, 2006.


Judge Rishi Seegobin was delivering his judgment when the power went out. It was too dark to continue and Seegobin said he intended to give reasons for his decision on Tuesday morning.


He ordered that she be kept in custody. She had been out on bail.


Griffiths, an alcoholic, was a retired engineer living in Richards Bay when he met Thenjiwe, a prostitute, who had been working in a local bar.


Josias Mare, for Alan Griffiths, told the court that within a month of their marriage Alan wanted a divorce.


She had taken possession of his car, locked him inside the house, or out of the house, and moved in her family.


Mare told the court Alan received a pension of about R4500 a month and that Thenjiwe would benefit from the fund if he died before her.


Alan's main asset was the house, worth about R700,000.


Mare told the court there had been a marked deterioration in Alan's condition after the marriage. He said that he had explained the consequences of their marriage in community of property to Alan and Thenjiwe.



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