Police to be out in full force during Boks-Ireland Test in Cape Town

Police to be out in full force during Boks-Ireland Test in Cape Town

The South African Police Service on Thursday said it would be out in full force at Newlands Rugby Stadium in Cape Town on Saturday amid threats of disruptions to the Springboks’ first Test match of the season.

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“The South African Police Services, together with its Safety and Security role players, view these threats in an extremely seriously light, and have implemented stringent security measures to safeguard the event and to ensure minimum or no disruption,” Western Cape police said in a statement.

The statement follows a cancellation of plans by the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) to disrupt Springbok Test matches over a lack of transformation. The ANCYL met with SA Rugby and said it was satisfied with the body’s commitment to transform the Boks squad, also noting the team that would march out onto the Newlands field on Saturday “is the most transformed in history”.

Police will, however, remain on full alert and spectators to the game between the Boks and Ireland will have to adhere to stringent security measures.

“All spectators attending the event will be subjected to a search and if found in possession of prohibited items, which also includes items that depict racism, will be denied access into the stadium as well as face possible criminal charges,” police said.

“Spectators who display aggressive behaviour during the event, and who refuse to heed a warning to cease such behaviour, will be summarily escorted out of the venue. In an effort to reduce the risk of spectator violence and/or injury as a result of excessive consumption of alcohol, a strict policy of not allowing intoxicated spectators into the venue will be enforced.” - ANA

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