Police have declared ‘mobilisation war’ on GBVF - top cop Khehla Sitole

Police have declared ‘mobilisation war’ on GBVF - top cop Khehla Sitole

The police have embarked on a community mobilisation-based approach to prevent gender-based violence and femicide, according to the country’s top cop.

Khehla Sitole
Pic Courtesy: GCIS

National police commissioner Khehla Sitole told Parliament's police committee on Wednesday that on top of the year-long media campaign to raise awareness, police will also hold community imbizos.


"I am sure some honourable members might have seen the lastest imbizo which was held two days ago, which was extended to 94 community radio stations across the country. We have therefore decided to declare a mobalisation war against GBV," he told MPs.

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He said in their analysis, preventing gender-based violence requires education of police, communities and families.


"The latest studies have uncovered that South Africa is ranked number 5 on liquor abuse and is the 5th most violent country in the world. During the lockdown, you had alcohol abuse and violence locked into the home and there was moral fiber deterioration, where a father sees a child as a girlfriend.


“We are sitting with collapsed family structures that require education.“


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