Police officer killed in Durban

Police officer killed in Durban

Two police officers who had been sent to an informal settlement in Durban to serve a protection order were kidnapped, stripped of their uniforms and weapons and shot by the man on whom they were serving the order.


Police spokesman Major Thulani Zwane said the man and two accomplices killed one of the officers while the other is fighting for her life in a Durban hospital after being airlifted from the scene.

Zwane said that the two officers were overpowered by the three men as they were serving the protection order shortly before 1pm in the Namibia informal settlement in Inanda.

“Whilst at the house, it is alleged that they were overpowered by three suspects who removed their firearms and stripped them of their police uniform before locking them at the back of the police van.”

The van was driven another 5km to the Ngcungcwini area where the two officers were then shot in the back of the van, with one of them dying instantly.

The surviving officer managed to get out of the van and crawl to a nearby house for assistance. 

She was airlifted to hospital and police launched a manhunt for the three men.

A case of murder has been opened at the Inanda police station, where the two officers were based.

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