Police recruits must ensure South Africans safety during the festive

Police recruits must ensure South Africans safety during the festive

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the 10 000 new police recruits must ensure that South Africans are safe and secure during the festive season.

President Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa was speaking at the South African police Services (SAPS) passing out parade, in Kimberly, on Thursday where 1400 police officers were deployed to be on the ground to fight crime.

This after Police Minister Bheki Cele on Sunday announced that the new recruits will be placed across the country.

Ramaphosa says the new recruits' first task is to strengthen the country's wide effort of fighting against crime

"Among their first tasks will be to strengthen the country-wide effort to ensure that South Africans are safe and secure during this festive season.  A strong, capacitated and well-resourced South African Police Service is critical in the fight against crime."

He adds that the path chosen by the new recruits is not an easy one as it is means that they need to protect South Africans and fight against crime.

"It is not an easy road you have chosen. Being a policeman or policewoman involves gruelling training, many hours spent away from friends and family and hard work in difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions.

"This profession puts you at the frontline of service to our citizens, who come to you for help, and in the frontline in the fight against crime. And yet it is a path you have chosen.

"The path of the bravest of the brave, the path of service and dedication. For this, we thank you and we salute you. "

Ramaphosa further added that crime is wreaking havoc in South African communities, destroying lives and the country's economy.

"Our country is under siege from criminals. Crime is wreaking havoc in communities, destroying lives and tearing families apart. Crime is undermining our economy, affecting small and large businesses alike, and holding back a sustainable economic recovery.

"We are tired of crime. We are tired of criminals operating with impunity.  We are tired of the abuse and violence directed at women, children and other vulnerable groups. We are tired of the rule of law being undermined. Sikwanele. Genoeg is genoeg. Enough is enough.

"We have recruited and trained you as part of a new front in the fight against crime."

He summed up by stating that the new constables will be deployed at various police stations and specialised units of SAPS services.

"The trainees who are passing out today therefore carry an important responsibility. Police members are the first responders. Police members are first point of contact with victims of crime. Police stations are the places people go first when a crime has been committed.

"Suspects who have been apprehended or arrested are taken away in police vans or detained at police stations. This comes with a great and heavy responsibility, to serve with courtesy, dignity and respect, to embody the finest values of the public service, and to respect the rights and human dignity of all.

"It is important that we restore and maintain people’s faith and confidence in the SAPS. We expect you to serve our people with respect and to do everything within your means to earn their trust.  We thank you for taking up the call to serve your country. You have shown your willingness to subject yourselves to the discipline and hard work that comes with being a member of the SAPS."

The police recruits are expected to hit the ground running on Thursday.


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