POLL: Will you pay your discounted e-toll debt?

POLL: Will you pay your discounted e-toll debt?

The South African National Roads Agency announced that road users have been discounted 60% on their e-tolls debt as of 2 November 2015.

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This means 60% off unpaid e-toll fees accumulated between 3 December 2013 and 31 August 2015.

The electronic toll system recently made headlines for reportedly being on the brink of collapse following two years of civil disobedience.

Despite Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa announcing a new dispensation earlier in 2015, the majority of motorists continue to refuse paying their e-toll accounts, steering Sanral into further debt with revenues nowhere close to their bond repayment.

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa) on Monday maintained that e-tolls will not be a success because motorists using Gauteng's highways will never accept the system.

"They (Sanral) have worked up this massive amount of debt, over R6 billion, which they want to write off in order to coerce the public on board, but the public has never been on board," said Outa chairperson Wayne Duvenhage.

According to Duvenhage the public has never been on board, not because of the tariffs, but because of the scheme itself and the lack of transparency thereof.

In light of Sanral's announcement, will you be paying your discounted e-toll debt? Have your say in our poll below:

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