Poor management at RAF affects compensation: Numsa

Poor management at RAF affects compensation: Numsa

Members of the metal workers union Numsa are protesting outside the office of the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in Pretoria.

Numsa strike RAF
Photo: Twitter, @Numsa_Media

Workers at the RAF have been on strike since last week Thursday. They are bemoaning the state of the RAF, saying the RAF is paralysed by mismanagement and incompetence.

Numsa's Phakamile Hlubi says the institution owes over R8 billion in debt to its creditors. Workers are also forced to work without basic tools required for them to do the work of processing compensation for the most vulnerable sectors of society, because of gross mismanagement.

"The state of the RAF is making it difficult for this institution to fulfil its basic mandate of paying compensation to those who deserve it, and it is for this reason that our workers have taken to the streets, that our workers are on strike and they are demanding that the Department of Transport intervene directly on this issue, because it is a critical issue," says Hlubi.

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Hlubi says Numsa will be asking the Public Protector to investigate whether the RAF has violated the Protection of Personal Information Act as a consequence of the ineptitude of management.

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