Prominent heart surgeon under fire for anti-vaxxer remarks

Prominent heart surgeon under fire for anti-vaxxer remarks

The Netcare Group has distanced itself from the anti-vaccination remarks of heart surgeon Dr Susan Vosloo.


Vosloo, who is a South African medical expert, is also the country's first woman heart surgeon. 

She practices at the Netcare group. 

In a video published on BitChue, Vosloo talks about Covid-19 vaccines and describes it as “gene therapy disguised as vaccines”. 

"One of the views that really appeal to me is that the vaccine was not brought in for Covid, but the Covid was brought in for the vaccine. Once one realises that there are many things that make more sense," she said.

 "This is not really a health issue.”

Vosloo added the global death rate from Covid-19 complications is much lower than the rate of the Spanish flu and therefore insignificant.

She also suggests that Covid could be an artificial disease.

 Netcare's managing director Jacques du Plessis said her comments are far removed from the reality experienced by the healthcare sector. 


“The sentiments as expressed in the contents of the video are in complete contradiction to the unrelenting endeavours of Netcare, our clinical colleagues, healthcare workers and others to try and curb the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


“The video further contradicts the views and endeavors of the South African National Department of Health as well as those of global institutions such as the World Health Organization. Given the grave implications of the comments made by Dr Vosloo and the potential deleterious impact on both national and global efforts to curb COVID-19, Netcare completely dissociates itself from Dr Vosloo’s anti-vaccination message.”

Du Plessis said Vosloo is an independent practitioner and is fully entitled to her views. 


Several organisations have vowed to lay complaints against Vosloo at the Health Professions Council of South Africa. 


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