Ramaphosa being protected by Glencore, Koko tells Zondo commission

Ramaphosa being protected by Glencore, Koko tells Zondo commission

Former Eskom CEO Matshela Koko has accused the commission of inquiry into state capture commission of unfair treatment.

Matshela Koko Zondo commission

Koko was back at the commission on Tuesday. 

 "Chair, this is my sixth time at the commission, and I must tell you that for the very first time I am feeling aggrieved because after the six occasion I have not told my story. 

 “I have submitted an affidavit to the commission, I was told on the first day that I must take it as read but by the way things are going, I don't even think my counsel will be given an opportunity to cross-examine me.

 "I am really tired of people listening to gossip and ignoring documentary evidence that is there. One of the things I will force you to do today chair is to work out of the documents and not from gossip," Koko told the commission.

 He said it was important that the commission looks at a hardship notice that was submitted by Optimum Coal Mine and Glencore in July 2013, which was followed by an arbitration agreement in December 2013. 

 Koko maintained that witnesses have lied to the commission.

 "It cannot be that witnesses come here to the commission to mislead you and get away with murder. I come here to assist you to get to the truth but there are witnesses who come here with the intention to mislead you, so you don't get to the truth. I want to take you to task and say there must be recourse for witnesses who have mislead you deliberately," he added.

 Koko said Glencore's Clinton Ephron is one of the witnesses who deliberately lied to the commission alongside former Eskom's head of legal Suzanne Daniels. 

 "Mr Ephron never submits in this commission statements under oath, we get pushed and harassed to present statements to this commission under oath and we do so because we understand why and we do this out of respect, but Mr Ephron didn't do that and lied deliberately.

"He comes here and says Mr Ramaphosa was never the chairperson of Optimum Coal Mine, when I heard him say that I knew he was lying because he was the CEO of Optimum when Ramaphosa was the chairperson, he cannot forget his boss. 

 “He then submits another statement to the commission and says he made a mistake because he was misled by other things, this cannot be chair. Mr Ephron lied to protect his business associate Mr Ramaphosa," said Koko 

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