Ramaphosa laments rise of state capture
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Ramaphosa laments rise of state capture

President Cyril Ramahosa’s delivery of the annual Steve Biko lecture was briefly interrupted by protesters in Pretoria on Friday.

Cyril Ramaphosa

The handful of protesters, who held up placards with the words ‘Bloodshed' and 'What would Biko say about Marikana’, wore t-shirts bearing the words 'Azanian Women Remember Marikana’.

The protesters were quickly ushered out of a packed Unisa auditorium by the president’s security detail.


Following the brief delay, Ramaphosa went on to lament the rise of corruption and state capture. 


“We now know of powerful individuals who used positions of authority to plunder the resources of the people. Threatening the economic sustainability and further impoverishing our people. We now know of business leaders and people whose reckless and fraudulent actions eroded the savings of many ordinary people as well.


“Astounded as we are by the devastating audacity of one family and their associates, we should not be blinded to the corruption that has taken hold in many institutions across government."



The president said those who fought for democracy, like Steve Biko and former president Nelson Mandela, would be disappointed at high the levels of corruption.


“Now, in the 25th year of our democracy, we must acknowledge with shame and regret that we have failed to live up to the standards of the selfless leaders that came before us. As we emerge from the corruption of apartheid, we are called upon to forge a new morality, which places the interest of the people above the narrow interests of the individual."


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