Ramaphosa to police: Be compassionate to ‘terrified’ South Africans

Ramaphosa to police: Be compassionate to ‘terrified’ South Africans

President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on police to be compassionate towards the South Africans they will be regulating during the lockdown.

His excellency President Cyril Ramaphosa at Presidential Coordinating Council (PCC).
Ramaphosa officially deployed the police in Pretoria on Thursday ahead of the national lockdown.

He told officers that South Africans are scared and it’s up to them to allay their fears.

“Our people are terrified. They fear they will lose their jobs, that they won’t have enough food, that they will become sick, that they will become bored in their homes. 

'You are expected, as police officers of South Africa, to have compassion and understanding to be able to give help and assistance. That is why you are called in service," Ramaphosa said.

Ramaphosa warned the police that they are waging war against an invisible enemy.

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"This time around we have added another task to the many jobs and tasks you already have to do. You are waging war against an invisible enemy - that is the coronavirus.

"We will be measured in terms of our success, whether we've been able to contain this disease and whether were able to save the lives of our people."

He warned that some may try to cause trouble for law enforcement. 

“In the main, the people of this country are law-abiding. But there will be those that take chances and cut corners, deliberately challenging the state. This is not the time to play with fire and the people of South Africa must follow the rules. We are deadly serious about saving lives.

“Those that do wrong things will feel the wrath of the South African state.” 

At the same time Ramaphosa called on police to not violate people’s rights.

“Don’t be known as a service that is ‘skopping and donnering’ people. Be a service that is compassionate, kind, helpful, supportive to our people.

“Don’t do anything that violates the lives of South Africans. Do right by them and save their lives.”

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