Ramaphosa refuses to lift booze ban

Ramaphosa refuses to lift booze ban

President Cyril Ramaphosa has refused to lift the ban on alcohol sales amid growing calls for the state to relax restrictions on the sale and distribution of booze.


The Gauteng Liquor Forum, representing 20 000 small businesses in the province, threatened the president with legal action if he failed to give in to their demands.

But Ramaphosa has refused to cave in to the forum’s demands.

Instead, the president’s lawyer told the forum that alcohol sales are not an essential service and “on this basis alone, it was considered that the sale of alcohol should not be permitted”.

“The sale and consumption of alcohol also has proven links to an increase in violent crime, motor vehicle accidents, medical emergencies and results in full emergency rooms and hospitals.”

Ramaphosa also believes intoxicated people – in general – do not practice social distancing or proper hygiene practices.

He has instead directed liquor sellers to seek economic relief through programs offered by government.

“The economic impact of the lockdown is not felt only by your clients – but by all industries which have been forced to close down for the duration of the lockdown. This is a regrettable, but inevitable, consequence of a lockdown,” the statement read.


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