Ramaphosa reiterates call for more equitable access to vaccines

Ramaphosa reiterates call for more equitable access to vaccines

President Cyril Ramaphosa has again reiterated calls for the developed nations to pledge solidarity with African states in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.  

Cyril Ramaphosa Global Citizen

Ramaphosa made the remarks today at the launch of the 'Recover Better Together’ Campaign by Global Citizen, the European Commission and the World Health Organisation.  

The Recovery Plan for the World is a year-long mission to build a healthier, just and more sustainable post-pandemic future. 

The initiative brings together governments, world leaders, philanthropists, corporates and civil society around a five-point recovery plan to end the Covid-19 pandemic, stop the hunger crisis, ensure quality and inclusive education, protect the earth’s resources and protect the most marginalised. 

“The campaign we are launching today recognises that overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic is essential if we are to make any progress in tackling poverty. To achieve this, we must deepen cooperation to ensure equitable access to vaccines. No person, no country and no region must be left behind,” said Ramaphosa.  

“To fight the pandemic, we need to pool resources, capabilities, knowledge and intellectual property. That is why we continue to call on world leaders to support the COVAX facility to ensure rapid and equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines for all countries.” 

Ramaphosa added that another important step is to enable the transfer of medical technology for the duration of the pandemic. 

“This will allow us to increase the production of Covid-19 vaccines and other medical products, lower prices and improve distribution to reach all corners of the world.”

Ramaphosa remains optimistic that the world will return to normal soon.

“The world will recover, it will recover better, and it will recover together. For the benefit of all leaving no one behind.” 


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