Rand Water denies 'Day Zero' claim as Joburg supply struggles continue

Rand Water denies 'Day Zero' claim as Joburg supply struggles continue

Rand Water has refuted claims that its system is on the brink of collapse, as taps once again ran dry in several parts of Johannesburg over the weekend.

Rand Water denies ‘Day Zero’ claim as Joburg supply struggles continue

This past weekend, the utility and Johannesburg Water urged residents to use water sparingly after noticing increased water consumption from customers on its system.

"Due to the system being integrated, even customers using water sparingly are being affected. High potable water consumption may result in the collapse of the system, which will result in intermittent water supply," the statement read.

However, Rand Water spokesperson Maakesnosi Maroo has moved to assuage residents’ fears, saying the sudden spike in temperatures has led to increased consumption.  

"We are not on the brink of collapse, and we are not nearing ‘Day Zero’. What we are experiencing is an increase in water consumption. We do experience high consumption during peak season from summer to spring. We are warning residents to start using water sparingly so that we are able to manage our system and we don't put a strain on the system."

Maroo says some municipalities have introduced water restrictions in attempt to save preserve water.

"There is no shortage of water, Rand water is able to supply water. Our average in terms of the amount of water we supply, it is 4642 megalitres per day and at the moment we are supplying more than 5000 megalitres per day."

"We are able to supply water, is just that we are experiencing high consumption due to high temperatures." she added


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