Remove French as an official language in Africa - Malema

Remove French as an official language in Africa - Malema

The EFF has urged the eight Francophone countries in Africa to remove French as their official language.

EFF leader Julius Malema Mayday rally

Party leader Julius Malema addressed hundreds of his supporters outside the French embassy in Pretoria on Thursday.

The EFF march coincided with Africa Day celebrations on 25 May. Malema told his supporters that the removal of the language would help foster an African identity.

"France must grant full independence to all African countries and allow them to determine their own currencies, monetary policies, and economic direction. France must stop all colonial taxes."

Malema also called for the withdrawal of French troops in Africa, accusing the European country of being behind military coups in West Africa.

"France must immediately remove all its military bases which are currently stationed in Africa. This includes but is not limited to, military bases, French soldiers, French aid through arms, and any presence of French influence in the armies or militia groups in Africa. France must return all mineral or fiscal reserves held by the French Treasury to African nations and any of their former colonies."

Ambassador of France to South Africa Aurélien Lechevallier received the memorandum but said they disagree with the EFF.

"We respect the EFF as a political movement. We will convey the memorandum to Paris but we have our disagreement.

“Today France is a partner with Africa and we are friends of the African nation."


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